Sunday, 22 February 2015


Hey guys!

Id say its been a good 2 years since I even logged onto this! I've just sat and looked through my old posts, and found myself cringing constantly! I was quite the angsty teenager, wasnt i?

This is a kind of a spur of the moment thing, it kind of just popped into my head tonight, and I decided to give this thing another shot! I've matured a heck of lot in these past two years, ive been more my own person, and also have my life right where I want it, so this is a good time as any!

Anyway, i'm back and going to actually make a concious effort to put some time into this as it has always been something ive been interested in, and with my free time, i'd like to do something productive!

So here i am!

Until next time! x

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Hair shoot experience and outcome!

Hey guys!

A few months ago I got approached my Michelle Lawley to take part in a hair shoot for her new salon! She is a lovely woman with an amazing talent, and is Britain's top colorist, so it was an honor to be asked to model for her!

In turn, this gave me the chance to work with an amazing photographer! Alex styles is an amazing photographer with an even more amazing talent! This was my first ever shoot, and he made me feel as comfortable as anyone could, and he was so fun to work with, and to top it all off, he's a gorgeous creature!

It was an absolutely surreal experience and I had so much fun and I am so lucky for the opportunity!
This was the finished product!

This is the best I have ever looked in my whole entire life! My hair was absolutely beautifully done by the talents of Michelle! and this shot is wonderful by the even more wonderful Alex styles! Go check out both of their work, they are extremely talented at what they do!

I have also just been informed, I got my face in a magazine! This is a local magazine for my town and there is my face righttttt at the top!

I am so happy with this experience and It was such an opportunity and I am so so grateful!

I would also like to add i wasn't sponsored to to blog this. This is all my opinions and I chose to write about this on my own accord! Also I am in no way what so ever, bragging, I just thought i'd share my achievements! just to clear any of that up!

Until next time,
Toodles! x

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Say Yes!

Hey Guys! 

This Quote means quite a lot to me, considering it as a tattoo, get started on the ribs maybe?
Anyway, this ties in with a lot that has being going on recently, as well as my confidence and self esteem issues.

I've lost a lot of people i held close recently, and having to chose what's best for me regarding certain people. And this really just puts all that into perspective. Maybe to carry on my life, i had to say goodbye to those people. I admit, i have been happier without the majority, because they just put me down and hurt me.

This also helps me with my confidence, I'm a very very shy person, and I enjoy staying in my comfort zones and act like an idiot to cover that up. but this helps because if i 'lose sight' of my comfort zones (the shore) and say yes to things that my confidence would normal hold me back with then i will have a much better quality of life, and I have already done a lot more, and met new people, so it is working!

I guess I just wanted to share this, because I know a lot of people now a days have confidence/self esteem issues, so I just wanted to say, It doesn't last forever, I think when you grow and mature you realise what you've been missing out on, and think, Stuff that! Forget what they think, i'm living for me!

Until next time,
Toodles! x

Monday, 24 June 2013

Primark disco leggings review! FAIL.

I can't believe i'm going to disrespect the mothership, but Primark failed, they failed bad. 

These are the only pair of disco leggings/pants that i have brought that i don't like, and I've brought a lottttt!

They're just super soft, not tight enough, and just generally uncomfortable to wear. I'm a big leggings/ disco pants girl, and it's what i feel most comfortable in so i know what i'm rambling about. And i was extremely disappointed in these.

I really wanted to love them, but i just physically can't bring myself to do it, they're the most uncomfortable pair of bottoms i have ever wore in my whole entire life, no exaggeration.

These are only brought out when I've wore all my leggings and disco pants, and they're in the wash,and i honestly dread the day.

Yeah, long story short, i'd recommend paying that, little bit, or a lot more for disco pants, because these are, in no way what so ever, a good dupe.

Feel disgusted that i have just slagged off primark. oh dear.

I'm also considering doing the 30 day snap, starting soon! possibly!

Until next time,

Relatable quotes.

These quotes are perfect for how i am feeling right now, a lot has gone on in my life as of recently, I'm not going to go into detail, because i'm not sure if you'd be too interested in my life problems! But to cut a long story short, some people haven't treated me too nicely as of late, and i think these quotes really relate. It might've got me down for a period of time, but I'm back and i'm stronger than ever, and if i'm being honest i've got a lot to thank those people for, because that's a life lesson, and i will never ever allow myself to let it happen again, so they've done me a favour if i'm being completely honest. 
You see, i haven't fully forgiven these people, but i'm half way there, and that isn't for their benefit, it's for mine. So I don't stay bitter, and fall in to the trap of saying, "all guys are the same" "people never change" because neither of those statements are true. There are, i promise you, somewhere, people that do realise their actions have an affect on people, and treat others as they wish to be treated, you've just got to find them! I have hope that people aren't total oxygen thieves! 

Anyway while i'm doing that, i'm gonna sit back and wait for karma!

Until next time,

Sunday, 23 June 2013

My everyday make-up!

I thought I'd make a post on what makeup I use every day as I love stuff like this, i don't know why but it intrigues me to know what people are using and i guess it gives me an insight to what products work!


Primer - Benefits POREfessional - £24.50 - This is possibly the best primer I have ever used. It's a lightweight formula that makes me skin feel like a baby's bottom, no lie! it's obviously comes with a little.... price tag, but it is honestly worth it, it helps my makeup stay for so much longer!

Foundation - Rimmel's lasting finish 25 hour foundation in #100 Ivory - This is the perfect, and I mean perfect foundation for me. I suffer with a skin condition called eczema, I'm sure you've all heard of it and know what it is, but this means that the skin on my face is very, very dry. But this foundation with it's mineral complex and moisturizing qualities really helps my skin and I don't feel guilty putting it on my skin knowing that it's not going to make my skin as worse at all. Also it doesn't highlight my dry patches, i've found that with the majority of foundations, the formula really sticks to them and highlights them but with the lasting finish foundation it smooths over them and it's as if they're not there, I first tried this foundation about 2 years ago, and i've never gone back!

Powder - MUA's pressed powder - shade 1 - £1 - Look at that price tag, just look at it! Great product but I have already rambled about this here! go check that out!

I don't use concealer as, beside from my eczema that my primer and foundation sort out, my skin hasn't really got any other imperfections that my foundation can't handle!

Blush/bronzer/highlight - I did a beauty course a year back, and i still have my makeup from the kit I had when doing that course , and i use the blusher, bronzer and highligher out of that, unfortunately, they don't have a brand! So I can't tell you! but they are due to be replaced so I'll update you that! possibly in the next 2 weeks!


Lip liner - Model co Lip enhancer illusion lip liner - £16.00 - This is great! it nourishes your lips as it contains an array of moisture giving ingredients, but along with that, because of it's nude colour, it suits any lipstick/gloss colour and also enhances your natural lip shape to create the look of fuller lips, now, i already have full lips that i love! but this just defines them for m and makes them really stand out!

Lipstick - NYC expert last lipstick - #441 Traffic jam - This is the lipstick i reviewed a couple days ago, and it hasn't left my lips since! i'm not going to ramble to much about this one as I have already do so and you can check that out here!


Liquid eye liner - Miss sporty studio lash liner - #001 extra black - £2.49 - This is so easy to use, I'm quite decent at liquid eyeliner anyway, not to toot my own horn, but this makes it so much more easier, it glides straight on with extreme colour, and lasts all day! I usually have a problem with my eyeliner smudging but not with this, it stay put!

Mascara - Natural collection Lashlength mascara - black - £1.99 - This adds extreme length to my lashes without clumping and makes them super long and pwetty! At at £1.99 you can't moan!

This is usually the finished look! 

Right! that's it! sorry this took so long for me to put up, but i had a bit of an emotional night last night, and a lot has gone on but yeah, it's here now!

Until next time!